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@rgayAll I really need to say: - ...
@kmt188Roxanne Gay on that trash panda Milo.

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@DrStaceyPattonPence used Obamacare to combat HIV infections among rural whites in Indiana infected after sharing dirty needles!

@jbouieThere's no particular evidence that Trump could make inroads with black voters.
@DrJasonJohnsonFrom the WaPost's Can Chickens Fly Space Shuttles? And other pointless questions series....

@davidragland1Donald Trump remains silent as white men terrorize America-because they work for him
@adbridgeforthMeanwhile in #TrumpLand Donald Trump remains silent as white men terrorize America

@NyashaJuniorThomas Jefferson's mistress
@rothmanistanBringing Sally Hemings back into @TJMonticello. Wish the @washingtonpost hadn't used mistress in headline, though.
@SonofBaldwinAggravated at @washingtonpost referring to a rape victim as a mistress. #SallyHemings #ThomasJefferson
@weserhagowned then disowned in memory, now she is owned as owned. the picture of monticello now richer=preposterous
@adbridgeforthTruth Is Light!
@Miel_Machetes4 decades they hid Jefferson’s relationship w/ her. Now Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings. #PresidentsDay
@Only4RMWhenever I read about T Jefferson, S Hemings & his epic hypocrisy, I recall my Haitian roots to keep from exploding.
@JamilSmithSally Hemings was enslaved by Thomas Jefferson and bore several of his children. His home will soon reflect that.

@LisaBloomThird completely made up terror attack: Bowling Green, Atlanta, now beautiful, compassionate Sweden. Stop lying.
@ShadowBard#Orange45 presents #FakeNews:
@lsarsourWTH. Now he's making up terrorist attacks????

@ACLUThe Trump administration is intent on inflicting cruelty on millions of immigrants
@nhbaptisteThe new policies also include prosecuting parents for paying smugglers to bring their children across the border.
@MarshallProjThis memo is just breathtaking, the way they really are looking at every part of the entire system.

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@MichaelaAngelaDY'all mean CBC right? B as in BLACK or is D a joke I didn't get? Trump CDC meeting request gaffe baffles via @msnbc

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@jbouieThis is a good piece. The only thing I would quibble with is the depiction of the Fusionists...

@SmellTheTeaIt's a Breitbart presidency. No ifs or buts. Reckless. Mar-a-Lago members invited to cabinet interviews #NotTheEnemy
@JamilSmithThis leaked audio is dumbfounding. When the president feels most at home at his country club, that says a lot.

@fivefifthsAlso, there's a new study showing that strict voter ID laws do discriminate by race:
@civilrightsorgA new comprehensive study finds evidence that strict voter ID laws suppress voter turnout along racial lines.

@SarahMaslinNirThe story of that uplifting photo of Sudanese refugees, a toddler, a mountie and a Canadian border @reuters

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